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Truly Great Flavor

Evergreens is proud to be the home of Oxford's infamous bagel bombs! With fresh ingredients and cream cheese baked into our fresh, homemade bagels, we have a flavor for any member of the family! To look into all of our flavors please visit the "menu tab" of our website. Bagel bombs are available every day, mornings and afternoons! Also, you can buy by the dozen, cater bagel bombs for any event. 

Locally Roasted 
Organic Beans


Pour-over coffee is coffee at its most basic: just you, a cup, a filter, and a funnel, without any machines to get in the way. By pouring a slow, steady stream of hot water over coffee grounds, you can extract a full-flavored but delicate cup of coffee with more nuance and subtlety than you’d get with a drip machine or French press. At least in theory.


Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 


Coffee provides a complex blend of different flavors, which together produce a range of sensory experiences. The sensory profile of a cup of coffee varies according to a number of factors: the type and blend of coffee beans; geographical source; roasting method; and method of preparation8,9.  The variation in these aspects will impact the overall sensory experience obtained from a cup of coffee during both the preparation and consumption of the coffee.

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